Product Market Fit

In this issue, the community comes together to show the impact that Customer Success can have if it owns Product-Market fit for its company.

Product Market Fit - Volume 03

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Chapter 2

Q&A with Sean Ellis on Product Market Fit

As an early growth leader at Dropbox, Eventbrite and LogMeIn, Sean shares his incredible experience getting to initial market fit, then iterating to enable hyperscale.

Interviewee: Sean Ellis

Chapter 4

Product Usage Is Silver, Qualitative Feedback Is Gold

In this community driven piece, we explore how companies of different sizes implement listening programs.

Contributors: Peter Armaly, Ferdinand Goetzen, Jeff Justice Williams, Sandy Yu, Kevin Vielbaum, Nick Woerner, Jeanne Hopkins, Chad Horenfeldt, Emily Ryan

Chapter 10

How to buy a Customer Success Platform

Buying a CS platform is often the largest financial investment that a leader makes. This guide makes it easier to select the right partner.

Author: Chris Hicken


“2.0 has quickly become the preeminent publication for customer success leaders, serving in-depth, innovative, ready-to-execute thought leadership that pushes our profession forward. This volume is no different, making the compelling case that customer leaders need to own product-market fit to make the biggest impact on their customers and company’s performance.”

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Alex FarmerCCO at Nezasa

“I’ve spent more than a decade coaching Customer Success leaders and those that aspire to be. This is a must-read magazine for anyone who wants to level up their customer success tactics and strategy. It’s always chock full of interesting perspectives and great insight. It’s become a part of my recommended reading list for our coaching program”

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Andrew MarksCCO at SuccessHACKER

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