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The Rise of the Strategic CCO

The inaugural issue of 2.0 explores how to increase the prominence of Customer Success — and with it, the customer — at the executive level.

The Rise of the Strategic CCO - VOLUME 01

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Chapter 3

Getting Product to Prioritize Your Customers

To get Product prioritize customer needs, the CCO must focus on the four building blocks of an effective partnership.

Authors: nick paranomos, megan bowen, jeff justice williams, and angela guedes

Chapter 8

4 Stages to a Better Partnership with Marketing

A great partnership between Marketing and Customer Success can provide a unified customer experience that’s intuitive and delightful.

authors: jeff breunsbach, bob london

Chapter 10

What Does Customer Success Bring to a Leadership Team?

Leaders at GitLab, Gong, and Spacemaker AI share their take on how to advocate for the Customer Success organization and become more strategic at the executive level.

interviewees: david sakamoto, eleanor o’neill, steve sanchez


“This magazine is packed with practical wisdom for Chief Customer Officers. It’s a must read for any CS leader looking to bring the customer to the forefront of their company’s strategic decision making.”

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Nick MehtaCEO at Gainsight

“The CCO community needs more valuable channels to share insights and best practices. This publication is a must-read for CS leaders to stay connected on rising trends and innovative solutions.”

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Mary PoppenChief Customer Officer, Glint at LinkedIn

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