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Customer-Led Growth

This issue explores the teams, systems, and executive skills a Customer Success function needs to lead a Customer-Led Growth model.

The Rise of the Strategic CCO - VOLUME 02

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Chapter 1

Your Budgeting Narrative Must Change

How Customer Success leaders can position their function as a growth driver for the business when advocating for budget.

Authors: Chris Hicken, Nick Mehta, Tien Anh Nguyen

Chapter 4

Paul Staelin on Reducing the Customer’s Emotional Impact

In this interview, Paul breaks down “APACE” — a framework he’s developed for scaling the customer experience — and explains how he’s implemented it at Trifacta.

interviewee: paul staelin, cco at trifacta

Chapter 5

Tactics for Growing Your Influence Over the Ideal Customer Profile

Leaders at SmartRecruiters, Delphix, and Klaviyo share how they ensure their companies are acquiring the right customers.

contributors: rachel orston, alex hesterberg, kate walsh, shawn riedel


"Today the metric investors care about most is net retention. This issue of the 2.0 magazine is an important read to understand how Customer Success teams in the future will need to level up their capabilities."

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Mackey CravenPartner at OpenView

"This magazine covers everything a CCO should be thinking about right now: NDR, CS Ops, and more. It gives us practical advice and tools that we can implement in real-time. This will definitely become my bible in 2022 and should also be yours."

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Maranda DziekonskiCCO at Swiftly

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