Volume 03

Product Market Fit

In this issue, the community comes together to show the impact that Customer Success can have if it owns Product-Market fit for its company.

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  • This magazine is packed with practical wisdom for Chief Customer Officers. It's a must-read for any CS leader looking to bring the customer to the forefront of their company's strategic decision-making."

    Nick Mehta CEO at Gainsight

  • The CCO community needs more valuable channels to share insights and best practices. This publication is a must-read for CS leaders to stay connected on rising trends and innovative solutions.

    Mary Poppen Chief Customer Officer, Glint at LinkedIn

  • This magazine covers everything a CCO should consider now: NDR, CSOps, and more. It gives us practical advice and tools that we can implement in real-time. This will definitely become my bible in 2022 and should also be yours.

    Maranda Dziekonkski CCO at Swiftly

  • Today the Metric investors care about most is net retention. This issue of the 2.0 magazine is an important read ti understand how the Customer Success teams in the near future will need to level up their capabilities.

    Mackey Craven Partner at Openview

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