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Smarter Surveys — Fast, Personalized, Actionable.

AI-Powered Question Recommendations
Receive personalized, one-question surveys (Micro-surveys) recommended by our AI to maximize customer engagement and gather actionable insights.
Seamless Delivery through Existing Channels
Send surveys via your current tools, such as Hubspot, Palio, Outreach, mobile, in-product embeds, support tools, CS tools, CRMs, and QR codes.
Engage Customers with Conversational Surveys
The AI customer concierge engages customers in conversational surveys, ensuring they feel heard and understood.
Real-time AI Analysis and Recommendations
Get an instant analysis of survey responses and actionable recommendations on potential risks and growth opportunities.

Delivering Your Conversational Surveys


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Integrate with Existing Communications

Add AI-recommended survey questions to your customer communications through email, marketing automation tools, chat platforms, sales outreach tools, LinkedIn, and more.

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Embed on Website or Product

Seamlessly integrate TheySaid's AI surveys into your website or product interface for a user-friendly experience.

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Share a QR Code

Boost engagement by including a QR code, enabling customers to quickly and easily provide feedback by simply scanning the code with their smartphones.

Hear what our customers are saying

  • "How did it come up with such great question recommendations? These are questions that our teams really want to know and discuss internally a lot. I am impressed!"

    Joan Rose Nocon Head of VoC, PandaDocs

  • "TheySaid's follow-up questions were spot on - made me eager to dive deeper into my feedback. It felt like chatting with a product specialist. Hooray for actionable insights!"

    Matt Harlow Head of Product Growth, 18birdies

  • "I am getting 10x the product insights than I used to with interactive AI"

    Dan Elman Product Manager, Amberflo

  • "TheySaid's AI survey tool is one of the most exciting practical applications of a language model yet"

    Jackson Jost Product Manager, 3Advance

How to Get Started

See just how easy it is to get started with in seconds!

Follow these simple steps to begin using TheySaid's AI-powered customer insights:

  1. Sign up for a free account using your Gmail.
  2. Enter your company's URL.
  3. Choose from TheySaid's AI-recommended questions, or write your own.
  4. Send out the survey or embed it on your website.
  5. Sit back and review responses in your TheySaid account.
Customers have new insight across their journey.
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