TheySaid Win Loss Analysis Interview Questions
A comprehensive, journey-based view into why you lose deals
TheySaid integrates Win-Loss Analysis into your digital Customer Journey Pulse results, delivering the most complete and accurate understanding of why you lose deals.


How it works
A proven VoC methodology and a CX expert on your team
Grounded in Customer Perceived Value, tailored to your business
The B2B Customer Experience is grounded in the Four Ps: Problem, Product, Pricing, People. Using these as a foundation, TheySaid's team will work with you to tailor your research program to fit your market and your business.
Tried, tested, true: Expert design, user refined
TheySaid's unique approach delivers the industry's best customer findings because our methodology was built by the founding researchers at CX-leader UserTesting, and tested by 500+ Go-to-Market leaders from across the globe.
Automated research that drives results
Automatically tell TheySaid when an opportunity is closed lost. TheySaid will engage your customer buying team with exit interviews that build your brand experience and deliver deep, actionable trends - so you can win more.

Actionable insight into WHY the customer buying team says "No."

Customer buying teams base their decisions on the perceived value of their relationship with you as a vendor. TheySaid's research team uncovers the underlying reasons why they may not have found value, enabling your business to make necessary adjustments.

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