10 +

Accounts with Revenue Risk Signals

80 x

increase in annual response volume (compared to legacy VoC)

47 %

customers gave detailed GTM strategy feedback

The Challenge
How to ensure Nezasa is set up for success as they triple net new revenue while also increasing existing revenue.

 Nezasa (Visit Nezasa) the travel-industry leader in automated trip planning, fulfillment, personalization, and optimization. Established in 2012, out of Zurich, Nezasa develops software that makes travel experiences more attractive, flexible, and convenient. 

Ten years and one acquisition later, Nezasa serves a growing international clientele, including some of the world's most successful Travel Agencies and Tour Operations, including TUI Travel, Latin America Tours, and STC.

Unsurprisingly, Nezasa faced a challenge familiar to many fast-growing companies.  Alex Farmer, CCO at Nezasa and one of SuccessHACKER’s Top 25 Success Influencers, described it this way, "We have to scale company execution using a broad net of customer insights as our guide - and not keeping our entire feedback in the hands of a few of our loudest customer's voices… this will help us grow our relationships with customers beyond their first 12 months with us.”

“We’re in a great spot as a company, investing in technology that is the best possible in their field. TheySaid is the best of breed in customer journey insights” - Alex Farmer, Chief Customer Officer.

The solution
Grow existing revenue by adding Customer Perceived Value Engine throughout their customers’ journey, detecting churn risks, and qualified upsell opportunities.

While they scale, Nezasa plans to combat customer experience decay by embarking on an aggressive customer listening campaign in the coming years. Alex has dubbed 2023 their year to embark on a “customer listening tour” — a tongue-in-cheek nod to their travel industry. 

Nezasa uses TheySaid to scale their customer asking engine. Alex notes the tool allows Nezasa to "go from two or three loud voices to the collective voice of all customers," providing a complete picture of customer needs and risks.

Alex plans to turn his Customer Success org into a strategic hub of customer insights to help Marketing, Sales and Product develop an even stronger product-market fit while scaling the business.

“TheySaid is our listening station along the customer journey. It's always on in the background at the key moments of their journey, finding fires our team may not know about.” - Chief Customer Officer.


The results
Nezasa discovered ten accounts with revenue risk signals during their free trial with TheySaid. 

While these churn risks provide an immediate action plan to retain more customers, Nezasa was overwhelmed by its exceptional customer engagement rate.

Nezasa saw a 19% response rate across their first trial pulses, with 47% of respondents providing a highly detailed written response describing how Nezasa could better solve their needs.

While Nezasa is focused on listening along the Onboarding and Renewal paths today, they plan to expand their insights engine into the remainder of their journey. All to provide Nezasa’s Product and Marketing teams the insights they need to drive change and to grow and protect existing revenue.


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Alex Farmer
Chief Customer Officer at Nezasa

“We’re in a great spot as a company, investing in technology that is the best possible in their field. TheySaid is the best of breed in customer journey insights” 


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