TheySaid Customer Journey Pulses
For B2B, the way you ask matters
Asking the the right question, to the right decision-maker, at the right moment leads
to exceptional business outcomes for the whole team. 


Annual engagement from Buyers and Sponsors (over legacy VoC)
Responses provide detailed
Go-To-Market intel
Million in revenue opportunities
Our Customer-Asking Methodology 
One tool for the entire team
Rather than multiple tools owned across different teams, TheySaid Pulses are used by the entire organization as a single source of customer insight that breaks down silos, keeping teams aligned and focused.
Each insight drives action
Aggregate insights into Go-To-Market strategy and trigger automatic Playbooks for each response that demonstrates to the customer you are taking action.
Optimized for the highest response rate
Utilize the Smart Scheduler to ask the precise questions that each role in your customer's buying team is eager to be asked throughout their journey.
Scaled for the Enterprise
Gain hyper-targeted insights for each segment your business is focused on. With fully customizable campaigns, you can quickly tailor your customer journey pulses to specific markets, geographies, product lines, and more.
With super simple setup
Setup in 2 hours, not 2 months. Seriously. TheySaid pre-configures your customer journey with peer-reviewed industry best practices, so you don't re-invent VoC for B2B.
Recent responses. Real Insight.
The responses below come from real buyers and deal influencers (details anonymized)


Economic Buyer
Deal Sponsor
Deal Influencer
Power User
Economic Buyer

TheySaid is a data source, use it anywhere

Tell TheySaid who to pulse with any system of record, and send your results there too.

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Customers have new insight across their journey.
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