Nezasa archieves 5-10% increase in
Customer Success

Qualified leads while increasing NRR up to 3%
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Company Background

Nezasa, established in Zurich in 2012, revolutionizes travel with its cutting-edge software, merging disparate industry elements into a unified, seamless customer experience. Their technology empowers travel brands worldwide, from small agencies to large tour operators.

Client Brief

Nezasa faced the challenge of increasing revenue from existing customers. Under the leadership of Alex Farmer, CRO, the team sought ways to leverage their technology for better customer retention and to identify new revenue channels within their existing client base.

Solution Implementation

Nezasa adopted TheySaid, integrating it with their CRM to enhance customer understanding and service. This move enabled 10x higher survey response rates focusing on existing customer engagement, aimed to increase satisfaction and reveal new revenue opportunities.


This approach yielded a 5-10% increase in customer-success qualified leads from current customers, enhancing customer interaction and uncovering upsell and cross-sell opportunities. This success enabled Nezasa to impact profitability and grow in a competitive market while increasing NRR 1-3%.  

“Adopting TheySaid has been an ROI cash-positive almost instantaneously. pivotal in our growth, enhancing customer engagement and uncovering new opportunities.”

Alex Farmer
Chief Revenue Officer

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