Rocketlane drives account growth
while reducing churn up to 10%

Company Background

Rocketlane, a leader in customer onboarding and PSA (Professional Services Automation) platforms, excels in accelerating time-to-value for clients. Their comprehensive platform integrates projects, teams, and finances for seamless collaboration and delivery.

Client Brief

Under Srikrishnan Ganesan's leadership, Rocketlane sought to enhance customer retention and reveal new revenue channels in their existing client base, while also gaining insights into product adoption challenges.

Solution Implementation

Rocketlane integrated TheySaid into their system to deepen customer understanding and improve service. This move targeted existing customer engagement, aiming to elevate satisfaction and open up new revenue opportunities.


Reduced Churn: Notably decreased customer churn through proactive engagement and improved retention strategies.

Account Growth: Identified and leveraged upsell and cross-sell opportunities, leading to significant account growth, while saving their largest account.

Insight into Product Adoption Risks:
Gained critical early insights into potential product adoption issues, enabling timely and effective interventions.


Srikrishnan Ganesan
Co-Founder & CEO

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