Grow Your Business With Customer Insights

Customer Journey Pulses
Automate asking the right questions, to the right customers at the right time so your teams can take action to reduce churn and improve retention.
CPV - Customer Perceived Value
Use CPV - customer perceived value - to measure how much value your customers receive from you. Easily segmented according to your needs, tracking this metric over time can provide deep insights that directly impact Go-to-Market efforts.
Win-Loss Analysis
Uncover the real reasons why your customers and prospects leave through our AI-driven process. Hint: It's not “bad timing or sponsor left.”

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Inform Your Team And Your Business

Whether focused on growing revenue, sourcing content, or improving competitive positioning, TheySaid tells you what customers are saying and how much value they get from your business.
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Harness your strongest asset - your customer - to uncover MQLs, inform messaging, drive campaign direction, and optimize product market fit.

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Hit your targets by automating upsell and cross-sell discovery across the customer journey, sending opportunities directly to your CRM.

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Customer Success

Indentify churn risk signals along your customer journey, and learn exactly WHY customers decide to leave.

Nezasa economically scales digital customer growth with TheySaid

10+       Accounts with revenue risk signals
47%   Customers gave detailed GTM strategy feedback
80x      Increase in engagement volume (compared to legacy VoC)


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Customers want to inform your Go-to-Market.
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