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Business Leaders, Growth Experts, CROs, COOs, Founders, and Account Managers are using TheySaid to maximize revenue in a demanding market.

CPV Journey

Turn Unhappy Customers to Upsells

TheySaid's feedback methodology is more effective than any other in the market. We engage customers throughout their journey to uncover actionable insights you can use today.

Right question

Select questions from our expert library or write your own


Right person

Sync contacts with Salesforce or Gmail, then define segments.


Right time

Define when each question will be asked in the customer journey


Right place

Ask questions over email, in-app or in-meeting (coming soon)

Why Customer's Use TheySaid's Methodology 
Consultative Approach
Our experts bring years of industry expertise and want to deeply understand your customers to help you build the most impactful CPV Journey.
Expert-Curated Question Bank
Benefit from templates and question banks crafted from years of industry expertise, proven to yield higher response rates. They offer quick value while allowing customization to fit your business needs.
Optimized for the highest response rate
Utilize the Smart Scheduler to ask the precise questions that each role in your customer's buying team is eager to be asked throughout their journey.
Automated & Actionable Questioning
Identify unhappy customers before churn is born with aggregated insights that trigger automatic Playbooks for each response that demonstrates to the customer you are taking action.
Surveys are for strangers 
The way you ask for customer feedback matters. Asking the the right question, to the right person, at the right moment leads to exceptional business outcomes like increased revenue, more customer case studies, and prevented churn.


More responses than traditional surveys and NPS
NRR improvement
More actionable customer feedback

Automate and personalize customer feedback to track and improve CPV

 TheySaid's playbooks help identify and convert these 4 types of customers into new revenue opportunities
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Turn Happy Engaged Customers Into Referrals 

Regular positive responses and engagement indicate customers are ready to participate in case studies and will tell you how to add more value. 

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Unhappy Customers Are Your Biggest Upsell Potential

Quickly identify and convert unhappy customers into revenue by understanding and addressing their needs, preventing churn and driving upsells.
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Re-Engage Customers Who've Gone Dark

Proactively re-engage customers when their engagement begins to reduce and understand what their needs are.

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Turn Inconsistent Engagement into Strategic Opportunity

Address inconsistent engagement by turning change into opportunity and deepening customer relationships through executive-level interactions.
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Nezasa economically scales digital customer growth with TheySaid

10+       Accounts with revenue risk signals
47%   Customers gave detailed GTM strategy feedback
80x      Increase in engagement volume (compared to legacy VoC)


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