User Testing boosts Customer Retention by 10%
in while uncovering new revenue opportunities.

Company Background

UserTesting is a pioneering platform in UI experience research, offering an easy way for businesses to gather feedback on digital experiences by leveraging video to see and hear the experiences of real people as they engage with products, designs, apps, processes, concepts, or brands. This enables better decision-making, improved retention, and higher conversion rates.

Client Brief

When UserTesting's mid-market segment team faced challenges in growing existing accounts and acquiring new logos, they knew a change was necessary. The team, led by Tim Pegnim, SVP of Sales, was responsible for both account growth and retention, and they struggled with the complexity of their internal systems and the heavy lift required to uncover growth opportunities.

Solution Implementation

UserTesting shifted its focus from traditional growth strategies to a more tech-savvy approach by using They Said. The company transitioned to an "at scale" tech touch cadence, with 95% of their customer base engaged and managed through the TheySaid platform. This move was in response to the challenges of increased scrutiny on software spending and the difficulty in engaging customers for growth opportunities.


The new strategy led to a notable increase in gross retention rates, especially in the SMB segment, with at least a 10% increase in NRR. This significant improvement was achieved while managing a high volume of accounts per representative. The tech-focused approach not only enhanced retention rates but also proved vital in identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities within the existing customer base. In less than a year, UserTesting’s strategic shift with They Said enabled them to successfully adapt to market trends and customer needs, achieving substantial business growth.

“The results speak for themselves – a 10% lift in retention rates and uncovering new opportunities within our existing base was game-changing.”

Tim Pegnim
SVP of Sales

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