Meet with your Retention Expert, Lihong.

Join Lihong Hicken, a seasoned growth strategist with 15 years of experience, for a personalized consultation call. Whether you're a startup, a scale-up, or a public company, Lihong's proven strategies in customer experience, revenue growth, retention, and successful acquisitions and IPOs can help you grow.

On this call you and Lihong will discuss: 

  • Your current resources, processes, and the customer journey within your company.
  • Define clear, achievable goals for your company's growth trajectory.
  • Overview of TheySaid Pulse program
  • Determine if TheySaid's Pulse program aligns with your business objectives. 


What is TheySaid?

TheySaid is a modern approach to customer feedback that streamlines the process and makes customer insights easily accessible and actionable for all teams. By tapping into customer experiences at key journey points, TheySaid empowers businesses to effectively comprehend and address customer needs, aiding in churn reduction and unlocking new revenue potentials.

How does it help you?

TheySaid exists to tackle two major challenges in customer relationship management:

Engaging Potential Leads Timely: It helps businesses capture the attention of potential leads or interested customers at the crucial decision-making point, preventing missed opportunities.

Proactive Upsell & Churn Identification: The platform aids in proactively spotting and upsell opportunities and potential churn before it’s too late contributing to enhanced customer value and business growth.

What does it look like to get started?

Sign up for a free TheySaid account to access unlimited NPS, CSAT, CES, PMF surveys, and Customer Perceived Value (CPV) tools, suitable for up to 100 contacts.

Launching your first campaign can be done in less than 30-minutes. To get started you upload contacts via a CSV or contact your CRM to sync contacts. Customize your Pulse questions from our library or create your own and schedule to send via email or in-app. As soon as you start receiving Pulse responses your executive dashboard will start showing you <example insights>.

Who is it for?
TheySaid is ideal for any subscription based company looking to enhance customer engagement and drive revenue through informed, customer-centric strategies.
  • B2B Marketing Teams
  • Sales Professionals
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Business Strategists
How does it work?

TheySaid utilizes 'Pulses', an automated and efficient method of querying decision-makers at key moments in their experience with your product or service. These concise, timely check-ins, deliverable via email or in-app, achieve 50-85% higher response rates and 34% more detailed feedback compared to traditional surveys.

By targeting the right person with the right question at the right time, TheySaid's analysis pinpoints upsell, cross-sell, and churn risks among your customers. This insight enables you to tailor playbooks for deploying resources effectively, enhancing net retention.

What They Said...

  • Everyone's talking about NPS — but TheySaids's approach is a way better methodology for risk assessment. It's really well tailored to a Customer Org, and it is lighter weight to get rolling than other tools available.

    Tom Krackeler COO at Zuora

  • TheySaid came in and saved the day. Too often in Success things come out of left field. But with TheySaid, we don't have any more 'out of nowhere' experiences. We have infinitely more visibility into out customer base and are more attuned to how they feel, whether they're showing signals of risks or indications of expansion.

    Lacey Everson Customer Success Manager of Growth at branch

  • TheySaid makes net retention easy. After a super easy implementation, we were able to immediately start measuring the value we provide to testRigor customers and then take action on risks and growth opportunities in real-time. The insights TheySaid gives us blow NPS out of the water.

    Artem Golubev Co-founder & CEO at testRigor

  • NPS tells you who could be at risk, but TheySaid tells you specifically who they are and why.

    Ben Michael Director of Revenue Operations at jamf

  • We're super pumped about TheySaid — it's helping us streamline the customer request and prioritization process, allowing us to advocate better for our customers.

    Cara Harrick manager of Customer Success at amplemarket

  • Shortly after launch, we retained and grew several opportunities TheySaid identified. We're also able to identify the needs of out customers and address their problems quickly.

    Ben Nye SVP of Customer Success at MployerAdvisor

  • Most CS platforms give you NPS and CSAT data, but TheySaid actively asks customers about their experience throughout their journey.

    Brian Hartley Sr. Director of Customer Success at RFP 360