Customer Perceived Value for Market Intelligence

1. Winning the Right Deals vs. Competitive Deals: A Focus on Customer Perceived Value (CPV)

Clozd zeroes in on competitive deal wins, emphasizing how businesses can outmaneuver their competition. While winning against rivals is vital, TheySaid believes in a broader perspective: winning the right deals with the right Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and ensuring their retention. TheySaid's interviews pivot around the concept of Customer Perceived Value (CPV), which holistically assesses the problem a company is solving, its product quality, pricing strategies, and people. By concentrating on CPV, TheySaid ensures companies not only win customers but also build lasting relationships with those who align best with their value propositions. This strategy dives deep, unearthing intricate reasons behind customers' decisions and forging a path to sustainable growth.

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2. Ongoing Pulse on Win & Loss Insights 

At TheySaid, we see win & loss analysis as a never-ending journey, not just a destination reached after a deal's conclusion. Instead of just assessing the immediate aftermath of wins or losses, we continuously 'pulse' customers throughout their lifecycle. By reaching out at the right moments, to the appropriate roles, and asking the most relevant questions, we ensure you're always in the loop about what your customers think of you. This means you're not just informed; you're ready to act at any given time.

3. Swift Implementation and Instant Insights with TheySaid

Time is of the essence in business. While Clozd might require substantial customization and longer setup periods, TheySaid streamlines the process. With a focused 1-hour onboarding session and AI-powered theme discovery, TheySaid ensures you can start gleaning actionable insights within a matter of days.

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4. Tailored Conversations for Comprehensive Understanding

TheySaid champions the importance of context. Instead of one-size-fits-all questions, TheySaid offers tailored queries based on customer roles and sentiments at different points in time. This contrasts with Clozd, which might not provide the same level of granularity, leading to a richer understanding of customer perspectives with TheySaid.

5. Affordability Meets Quality

Clozd's pricing models often target larger enterprises, potentially sidelining smaller businesses with tight budgets. TheySaid strikes a balance, providing top-tier win/loss analysis without a hefty price tag. The focus is on delivering value, ensuring businesses of all sizes can benefit from first-class insights without breaking the bank.

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