TheySaid Win Loss Analysis Interview Questions
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Win-Loss Analysis
Whether you're 5 people or 5,000, each organization needs to hear why they won or lost a deal. With TheySaid's unique approach to Win-Loss Interviews and Analysis, we deliver the most complete and accurate understanding of why you lose deals. 


Why TheySaid's Win-Loss Works
How our approach is focused on delivering value today and long term
Win the right deals
Our approach helps you understand which deals are right for your organization and represent the biggest opportunity for growth.
Based on Customer Perceived Value
TheySaid measures value based on four key attributes: Problem, Product, Pricing and People resulting in a metric called Customer Perceived Value. This helps pinpoint where to focus improvement and what your customers value most.
Through ongoing effort
Rather than considering Win-Loss as a single moment in time, TheySaid approaches Win-Loss as an ongoing effort, providing insights and feedback throughout the customer lifecycle so you can reduce churn and uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities quickly.

Let our experts deliver more

 We schedule, conduct and analyze the interviews using a process that gets at the heart of what your customers' value.  With TheySaid, you get better results without the heavy lifting.

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