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The buyer insights you need to craft targeted sales strategies

TheySaid gives you a customer-centric, automated approach to understanding customer
value, at scale, empowering them to craft targeted strategies that lead to more successful closings and growth.


upsell identification

Pulse customers to continuously improve your sales process 

Listen to your customer buying team throughout their journey to continuously improve your sales teams understanding of the customer, improve the sales process and uncover upsells and cross-sells. 

get win loss analysis

Automate Win-Loss Analysis by merging tech with expert research

Build your most actionable win-loss research program by merging automated insights and deep human research.

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Accurately forecast revenue growth from existing customers

The best projections include comprehensive input from your customer. Make it easy to collect their opinion on the renewal.

Win more by by letting your customers tell you why you win or lose at scale

Win-Loss Analysis
Comprehensive interviews with target customers that you’ve won or lost, uncovering key insights aimed at overcoming objections and enhancing win ratios.
Competitive Battlecards
Actionable customer insights on competitors, identifying reasons for competitor preference and assessing the frequency of competitive standoffs, for strategic selling and positioning.
Upsell and Cross-sell Feed
Based on your customer's insights, TheySaid creates new qualified upsell and cross-sell opportunities in your CRM that your team would have never known about.
Seamless CRM Integration
Ensure Salesforce or HubSpot remains the single source of truth by seamlessly integrating and flowing all customer growth insights back to your CRM system.
For B2B, the way you ask matters
Pulses ask the the right question, to the right decision-maker, at the right moment leads
to exceptional business outcomes


Million in revenue opportunities
Annual engagement from Buyers and Sponsors (over legacy VoC)
Responses provide detailed
Go-To-Market intel

Nezasa measures revenue risk signals with TheySaid

10+       Accounts with revenue risk signals
47%   Customers gave detailed GTM strategy feedback
80x      Increase in engagement volume (compared to legacy VoC)


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See what our customers think of our work


    Too often in Sales things come out of left field. But with TheySaid, we don't have any more 'out of nowhere' experiences. We have infinitely more visibility into our customer base and are more attuned to how they feel and whether they're showing indications of expansion.

    Lacey Everson Strategic Account Manager at Branch

  • Jamf-color

    Old-school VoC tells you who could be at risk and expansion, but TheySaid tells you why.

    Ben Michael Director of RevOps at Jamf

  • testrigor_owler_20191025_215940_original

    TheySaid makes net retention easy. After a super easy implementation, we were able to immediately start measuring the value we provide to testRigor customers and then take action on risks and growth opportunities in real-time. The insights TheySaid gives us blow our last VoC system out of the water.

    Artem Golubev Co-founder & CEO at testRigor

  • ZUO_BIG-16a6d064

    Everyone's talking about NPS — but TheySaids's approach is a way better methodology for risk assessment. It's really well tailored to GTM orgs, and it is lighter weight to get rolling than other tools available.

    Tom Krackeler CXO at Zuora

  • MployerAdvisor-logo-horizontal-redandnavy

    Shortly after launch, we retained and grew several opportunities TheySaid identified. We're also able to identify the needs of out customers and address their problems quickly.

    Ben Nye SVP of Customer Success at MployerAdvisor

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