Today we released the second issue of Nuffsaid’s 2.0 magazine: Customer-Led Growth.

Like our previous issue, each chapter challenges the status quo in Customer Success. Volume 2 introduces the Customer-Led Growth model — a model that companies are moving towards as they focus more on “retention” as a core metric. It explains why this means CS leaders must change how they advocate for their function, then walks through the teams, systems, and executive skills that companies require from Customer Success in this new model.

What is Customer-Led Growth?
Customer-Led Growth is an operating mode where everyone at the company obsesses over the value customers are receiving from the product.

There are three principles of the Customer-Led Growth model:

  1. The company measures whether or not the customer has received value (was the planned outcome achieved, and does the customer believe they received value),
  2. They use that data to drive all important company decisions (including pricing, product roadmap, content roadmap, Ideal Customer Profile, services), and
  3. The company makes outsized investments in its Customer team.

Customer-Led Growth is central to the magazine. Through 11 chapters, we’ll cover:

  • Tailoring a budgeting narrative to tie Customer Success initiatives to increases in the value of the company
  • The difference between Product-Led Growth and Customer-Led Growth
  • Considerations when building out a CS Ops team, and how the team typically evolves as the company grows
  • Tactics for growing Customer Success’s influence in the Ideal Customer Profile definition, the product roadmap, and pricing
  • Common pitfalls in building out a digitally-led engagement model, and tactics for investing in these programs so they are seen as “more service”, not less, in the eyes of customers


Magazine_4 1-1

With heaps of new content, Q&As, illustrations, and some of the more popular pieces from our blog, we believe it’s one of our best pieces of work yet.

Hope you enjoy it.






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