Customization at Scale for Enterprise

As a Customer Success and Sales leader, you know how vital it is to capture timely customer insights to protect and grow revenue. Today, many companies do this through a hodgepodge of taped-together solutions.

TheySaid customers do this through a customer-asking engine, which targets your decision-makers with timely questions and check-ins along their journey about their experience. This generates a Customer Perceived Value metric, the most accurate qualitative signal for customer health available to SaaS companies. 

Getting these customer insights is easier when small and nimble because you have fewer customers. But as you grow, the need to scale these customer insights grows with you. Understanding customer health, finding upsells, and predicting renewals is increasingly important. Meanwhile, it becomes increasingly difficult to help your team focus on the right accounts and value-add motions to accurately protect, predict, and grow revenue. 

TheySaid dedicated our March roadmap to building features that deliver on enterprise scalability, offering customization and flexibility to the Pulses they are sending to their customer base to get the best response volume, renewal, and upsell insights. 

Take a look at what we released in March:

Segment your Pulses with Campaigns

With TheySaid Campaigns, you can create in-depth customizations across all the different segments of users from data in your CRM. This allows you to offer these segments personalized questions and emails, different schedules, sending limits, and playbooks. Some of the most commonly used segmentations are: 

    • Product lines
    • Geography 
    • Market segment
    • Renewal Dates 


Send pulses in any language

Most enterprise companies have global customer bases and are expected to communicate in various languages. As part of the new Campaigns feature, Pulses can now be delivered in any language. All you need is to provide the translation.  

Japanese pulse

Full and flexible Contact Management

Users can now manage their contacts directly in Theysaid through a CRM integration, bulk CSV upload, or add/remove individual contacts directly in Theysaid. The CRM integration also allows you to add sync rules to automate the import/export of contacts based on CRM data, such as: 

    • Account type = customer 
    • Renewal date = future 

Upload CSV or Connect CRM

View Sent and Scheduled Pulse Status

We like to call this the FOMO report. This view gives users visibility into how many pulses are being sent and to who and which Pulses, along with the response status. The view also shows upcoming pulses scheduled to adjust, cancel and plan your future Pulse activity. 

Sent Messages


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