The inaugural issue of our new Customer Success magazine, 2.0, is out today.

Now that Wall Street understands the impact of retention on overall growth rates, CEOs are finally focusing on the post-sale lifecycle of a customer.

Customer Success leaders have seen the trend. Other department heads do too. And as Sales and Marketing leaders also look to grow their position at the executive level, we’ll see these leaders try to take more responsibilities from the customer function—reducing the role and influence of the Chief Customer Officer.

This requires proactive leadership from Customer Success leaders to think about their role in the future of the company’s growth. Whether they unify a decision-making team with Marketing, Sales, Product, and Finance will ultimately influence the part that customers play in the company’s strategy.

So for our inaugural issue of 2.0, titled The Rise of the Strategic CCO, we explore how to increase the prominence of Customer Success—and with it, the customer—at the executive level.


Over the course of 11 chapters, we cover topics like:

  • Evaluating how Customer Success is perceived in your company
  • Designing a formal mechanism to get Product to prioritize your customers (written by Angela Guedes, Nick Paranomos, Jeff Justice Williams, and Megan Bowen)
  • Resolving common points of friction between Sales and CS (by Emilia D’Anzica)
  • The building blocks of an effective partnership with Marketing (by Jeff Breunsbach and Bob London)

2.0 will be printed twice a year and each issue will dive into one topic. Available in print, pdf, and ePub, it also features interviews from top CS leaders at companies like Box, Sumo Logic, GitLab, and Gainsight.